Navigate Documentation with Confidence: Master Revision History with NOZZLE's Ship Management Software


Stay current and compliant with NOZZLE's Ship Management Software, offering an efficient way to manage your documents' lifecycle. In the Documents module, the Revision History section is particularly tailored for meticulous record-keeping and tracking of document amendments.


Enter a revision date or use keywords to filter through your documents, and with a simple search, a comprehensive table appears. This table showcases columns such as Document Category, Document No, Document Title, along with the revision number, date, and description, providing a snapshot of each document's history and updates.


This function is integral for maintaining up-to-date and audit-ready documentation, a vital aspect of maritime operations and safety standards. With NOZZLE, you ensure that every crew member has access to the latest procedures, policies, and compliance materials.


Here, we take pride in offering a platform where managing revisions is not just about keeping records; it's about sailing smoothly through audits and inspections with confidence.