Maintain Up-to-Date Safety Standards with NOZZLE's SMS Revision Recommendations


Staying current with safety management systems (SMS) is a critical aspect of maritime operations. NOZZLE’s ship management software introduces a specialized feature within the Documents module – the SMS Revision Recommendation – to help ensure your safety protocols are always up-to-date.


Search and Organize with Precision

Find and filter SMS documents effortlessly using keywords in the Search bar, allowing you to quickly locate and action the specific documents you need. This precise searching capability is crucial for managing the vast array of documents necessary for maintaining safety standards aboard vessels.


Essential Details for SMS Record Management

When adding or updating an SMS Revision Recommendation, it’s mandatory to fill in specific fields such as Reference, Document Category, Document, Issue Date, Deadline, Status, and Revision Remark. This ensures all necessary information is captured for effective document management.


Engage with Comments and Track Changes

Utilize the Comments tab to communicate important notes and feedback within your team. With the Attachments and Status Activity Log tabs, document revisions and updates are meticulously recorded, fostering transparency and accountability.