Accurate Budget Management with NOZZLE’s Finance Module


Unlock the power of fiscal control with NOZZLE’s Budget Report feature. Integrated within our robust Finance module, it allows for meticulous planning and monitoring of maritime financials.


Dynamic Budget Reporting

Choosing the right vessel and budget plan, and then clicking 'Load Budget', instantly provides you with a comprehensive Budget Report. This report juxtaposes estimated costs against actual and expected figures, facilitating informed decision-making.


Visual Insights for Financial Health

Our Budget Report transforms numbers into insight. With clear visual representations, deciphering the financial status of your vessel becomes straightforward. Each category, from deck expenses to provisions, is broken down for granular analysis.


Strategic Planning Tool

NOZZLE's Budget Report is not just a record; it's a strategic tool. By highlighting deviations and expected versus actual spending, it assists in refining financial strategies to ensure your vessel's economic operations are optimally tuned.