Navigating Credit Transactions with NOZZLE’s Finance Module


In the sphere of maritime finance management, the ability to accurately handle credit transactions is as essential as managing direct payments. NOZZLE’s Finance module enriches your financial toolkit with an intuitive Credit Note section, simplifying the process of issuing and managing credit notes.


Detailed Credit Note Searches

Utilize the search bar within the Credit Note section to efficiently filter and identify credit notes. With customized filters for Vessels, Companies, Currencies, and more, financial officers can quickly access the credit transactions relevant to their accounting needs.


Comprehensive Credit Note Creation

Adding or updating a credit note is simplified within NOZZLE. Input fields for Vessel, Invoice Number, Company, and Currency, alongside Exchange Rate and Status, are designed to capture all pertinent details, ensuring each credit transaction is logged with precision.


Multi-faceted Record-Keeping

With tabs for Invoice Items, Comments, Attachments, Status Activity Log, and Invoice Approval, NOZZLE provides a multi-dimensional view of each credit note. This detailed approach ensures that all aspects of credit transactions are meticulously recorded and easily retrievable.


Explore the functionality and benefits of NOZZLE’s Credit Note feature in our Finance module. Our solutions are crafted to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your financial management practices.