Effortless Crew Payroll Management with NOZZLE: Your Financial Docking Station


Managing your maritime crew's financial documents is a breeze with NOZZLE's Ship Management Software. Our intuitive platform simplifies the handling of payroll documents, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters - managing your fleet efficiently. Navigate with ease through the Crew Payroll Documents section, where you can select a specific vessel and retrieve all related payment information with just a few clicks.


In the Crew Payroll Documents module within our Finance suite, searching is made effortless with a dedicated search bar, allowing you to filter by dates, crew, vessel, and more. Once you enter the desired timeframe in the Payments tab, a comprehensive breakdown of transactions materializes, detailing every debit and credit entry for complete financial clarity.


NOZZLE's platform is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of the shipping industry, offering you a holistic view of your crew's financial status across all vessels. Keep your financial data organized and accessible with NOZZLE's cloud-based solution, enhancing your operational capabilities while securing data with the highest levels of encryption.