Navigate Financial Seas with Ease: Unlock Precision with NOZZLE's Finance Data Bank


In the dynamic realm of maritime finance, the right information is the keel that keeps your operations afloat. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software offers a Data Bank within our Finance module, ensuring every detail, from invoicing to reporting, is curated to meet the specific needs of your maritime business.


At the core of our Data Bank lies a suite of customizable options: Invoice Type, Cost Center, Invoice Categories, Tax, and Payment Terms under the Finance heading. Each selection is a portal to creating new records, allowing for the tailoring of financial data that aligns with your unique operational requirements.


The meticulous organization extends to the Report section, which houses Bank Reports and Cost Category Definition. Here, new records can be created, equipping you with the tools to define and understand the financial subtleties of your shipping activities.


Set sail with us, where every piece of data enriches your journey towards fiscal efficiency and clarity in the vast ocean of maritime finance.