Optimize Invoice Processing with NOZZLE’s Finance Module


Managing the financial aspect of maritime operations can be complex. NOZZLE’s Finance module introduces an efficient Invoice Payable feature to support the financial management process.


Efficient Search for Invoice Oversight

Leverage the search functionality to quickly filter through invoices. Select from a range of criteria including Vessels, Companies, and Invoice Status to find the specific entries you need.


Comprehensive Invoice Recording

The Add/Update Invoice interface is designed for meticulous financial tracking. Enter critical details such as Vessel, Invoice Number, Company, Currency, and Exchange Rate to ensure precise management of all payable invoices.


Invoice Itemization for Clarity

Detail each invoice's items within the Invoice Items tab, enriching your financial data with transaction specifics. The supplementary tabs for PO Reference, Period, Payments, and Comments provide an additional layer of detail, ensuring thorough oversight.


Document Management for Organized Financial Records

Utilize the Attachments feature to maintain all pertinent documentation in one place. The Status Activity Log offers a chronological view of updates and changes, enhancing the visibility of invoice statuses.


Elevate your financial workflows with our specialized software solution.