Efficiently Manage Receivables with NOZZLE’s Finance Module


In the shipping industry, tracking incoming payments is as critical as managing expenses. NOZZLE’s Finance module includes an Invoice Receivable feature that equips your financial team with the tools necessary for meticulous financial oversight.


Comprehensive Search for Receivables

Leverage the search bar within the Invoice Receivable section to locate invoices quickly. Filters for Vessels, Companies, Status, and Currencies enable a targeted approach to finding specific invoice entries, making the tracking process straightforward and efficient.


Intuitive Invoice Entry

The Add/Update Invoice Receivable screen ensures every necessary detail is captured. Essential information such as Vessel, Invoice Number, Company, Currency, and Exchange Rate needs to be provided, establishing a complete record for each receivable.


Complete Invoice Detailing

Tabs for Invoice Items, Payments, Comments, Attachments, and Status Activity Log offer detailed sections for all aspects of invoice tracking. This attention to detail ensures that every element of the invoice is accounted for and trackable.


Discover the advantages of NOZZLE’s Invoice Receivable feature. Our solution is engineered to support maritime financial teams in enhancing receivables management with greater effectiveness and precision.