Enhance Outgoing Payment Processes with NOZZLE’s Finance Module


Accurate and efficient handling of financial transactions is critical for ship management operations. NOZZLE’s Finance module introduces the Outgoing Payment feature, meticulously designed for managing maritime financial transactions with precision.


Targeted Payment Search Functionality

Dive into the Outgoing Payment section, which is equipped with a comprehensive search tool allowing for detailed filtering. This tool facilitates the location and analysis of payments based on a range of criteria including Vessels, Companies, and Currencies, ensuring you find exactly what you need without delay.


Essential Details for Generating Payments

The Generate Payment screen is straightforward, demanding specific inputs such as Paid by Company, Payment Date, and Payment Currency. These fields are integral for the accurate documentation and processing of financial transactions.


Detailed Financial Transaction Overviews

Within the Payments tab, each transaction's details are laid out clearly. The information spans from invoice numbers to payment status, encapsulating all necessary data for informed financial management.


Dependable Financial Management Support

The Outgoing Payments feature is laid out to support a comprehensive overview of financial commitments, aiding in the management of a sound financial ledger.


Learn more about how the Outgoing Payment feature of NOZZLE’s Finance module can enhance your maritime financial operations. Our tools are crafted to support the management of your maritime finances with accuracy and ease.