Financial Management

Fast, reliable and digital budget management solutions for the maritime industry

Budget management is a business solution that requires professional management and eliminates confusion in the maritime industry. Nozzle offers you fast, reliable and digital budget management solutions which with the budget management module it has developed specifically for the sector.

It is possible with a single application to organize all your liabilities in a way that ensures regular and smooth cash flow. Financial management is a system with special features developed by Nozzle for ship owners and ship operators. With this system, you can compare your year-end budget targets, control your targets, and analyze the distribution of your expenditures to budget items. Do not leave room for mistakes in budget management.

As in every sector, budget management is critical in the maritime sector. Easily manage expense and money processes with a single application customized to the needs of the maritime industry.

Key Benefits of NOZZLE's

Opportunities Of Nozzle Financial Module

  • 01. Coast Group

    On fleet ships, operational costs and total amounts in cost groups can be displayed. Total amount by cost group and coast groups that are desired to be viewed on a ship-specific basis can be viewed on a single screen.

  • 02. Parity

    Currency difference and exchange rate conversion are instantly displayed on a calculable screen. While the calculation is done in the background, there is a ready infrastructure to convert it into a single currency.

  • 03. Invoice

    It provides the ability to control and arrange invoices through ship-based invoice number-based or budget item-based search results. The automated and fast solution of the invoice area in the account management module speeds up the process.

  • 04. Purchase Order

    It is an area where the orders placed are tracked. Provides invoice tracking, including invoices that have not yet arrived. It also provides information about the upcoming invoice. Thus, payment processes can be programmed.

  • 05. Budget Report

    It offers categorized payments and budget management. It contains information about how much payment has been made to which category. A warning screen about earnings or budget deficit situations can be displayed on the scale of predetermined budgets.

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