Empowering Maritime Safety with Behaviour Based Observations using NOZZLE


In the vigilant world of maritime safety, observing and improving crew behaviour is paramount. NOZZLE Ship Management Software's HSEQ module provides a dedicated section for Behaviour Based Observation (BBO), ensuring that safety is not just a protocol, but a culture on board.


Our intuitive search functionality within the ISM Documents allows for precise filtering based on vessels and crew, streamlining the process of locating specific observation records. With a focus on both completed and upcoming observations, NOZZLE ensures no aspect of safety oversight is left unchecked.


The Add/Update BBS Observer interface is meticulously designed for clarity and compliance, requiring inputs for Vessel, Reported By, and Observation Date. These critical details are essential for documenting and tracking behaviour observations that are fundamental to risk management and safety enhancement.


Additionally, the platform allows for the seamless attachment of relevant documents, fostering a comprehensive and traceable record-keeping system. The BBS Observer Concerns tab further permits detailed entries about the vessel, report type, and event date, encapsulating all facets of the observation process.


NOZZLE’s HSEQ module is adept at fostering a proactive safety environment through Behaviour Based Observations, by encouraging constant vigilance and continual improvement of safety practices on board.


Learn how NOZZLE Ship Management Software can transform your approach to maritime safety. Set sail with us towards a future where safety is ingrained in every action and observation.