Tracking Contractor Working Hours with Precision on NOZZLE


Efficient management of contractor hours is crucial in maintaining a ship's operations and ensuring compliance with maritime labor conventions. NOZZLE Ship Management Software's HSEQ module introduces a Contractor Working Hours feature that provides seamless tracking of the hours logged by various contractors on each vessel.


Our platform's search capability allows you to filter searches by vessels and dates, ensuring you can swiftly find and assess the working hours associated with any contractor. This feature is essential for managing the intricate details of maritime operations and contractor engagements.


When adding or updating contractor working hours, selecting the vessel and entering the contractor date is made mandatory, establishing a clear and traceable record. Additional fields allow for the recording of hours for pilots, cargo surveyors, terminal representatives, and other essential personnel, ensuring a comprehensive overview of contractor activities.


NOZZLE's robust system supports maritime operators in maintaining precise records, facilitating the effective management of contractor engagements, and promoting operational efficiency aboard their vessels.


Explore how NOZZLE Ship Management Software can optimize your contractor management processes and bolster the financial and operational aspects of your maritime activities. Join the fleet of users who navigate with confidence, powered by the comprehensive capabilities of NOZZLE.