Advance Fleet Preparedness with NOZZLE's Enhanced Drill Records for Maritime Safety and Compliance


In the dynamic world of maritime operations, NOZZLE's Ship Management Software stands as an essential tool in maintaining and enhancing the safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of your fleet. Our HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) module, a cornerstone of our cloud-based platform, now includes a robust Drill Records section designed to support your vessels' preparedness and training protocols.


With our intuitive search interface, you can swiftly locate specific drills across all vessels, drill groups, and statuses, ensuring that crucial information is just a few clicks away. Key details like Vessel, Drill Group, Drill, Planned Date, Vessel Position, and Status are not just fields to be filled but are gateways to a comprehensive drill management system.


The Add/Update Drill Record feature within the HSEQ module requires entries in these vital areas, underscoring the importance of detail and accuracy. Our system goes beyond mere record-keeping with tabs such as About Drill, Attendees, Activities, Training During Drill, ANTBI (Any New Threats and Benefits Identified), Drill History, Comments, Attachments, and Status Activity Log. These categories allow for an in-depth overview and tracking, which is critical for audit trails and continuous improvement.


Experience how NOZZLE can empower your maritime operations with a system that understands the needs of the industry. Join us at NOZZLE, where our commitment to your fleet's safety and excellence is paramount. Let's set sail together into a future where preparedness and efficiency are at the helm.