Eco-Conscious Voyage Management: A Deep Dive into NOZZLE's Environmental Records Feature


As the maritime industry progresses, sustainability becomes an anchor point in the operational practices of forward-thinking companies. NOZZLE Ship Management Software understands this shift towards environmental accountability and offers an exceptional Environmental Management Records feature within its HSEQ module, enabling shipping firms to diligently record and monitor their environmental impact.


The Environmental Management Records function provides a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes. Whether you’re keeping track of the total amount of cleaning chemicals used or the quantity of garbage returned to shore (ROB), NOZZLE simplifies the recording with its detailed and comprehensive input screens.


With the Search bar, users can filter records by year, month, vessel, and status, offering a bespoke overview that adapts to specific needs and timeframes. The Add/Update Environmental Management Record screen is designed to capture a wide array of environmental data entries, including who entered the data and when, making tracking and accountability effortless.


NOZZLE's commitment to aiding in the protection of our oceans is reflected in this module. By enabling detailed entries under various groups and activities, the software assists in ensuring that every operational aspect adheres to the highest environmental standards.


The software not only assists in record-keeping but also in planning, with due dates for entries promoting proactive environmental management. Furthermore, the inclusion of comments, attachments, and status activity logs ensures that all data is corroborated and traceable.