Enhance Accountability with NOZZLE’s Follow Up Feature


In the pursuit of excellence in maritime safety and quality, the ability to follow up on tasks and actions is fundamental. NOZZLE Ship Management Software enriches your HSEQ practices with a dedicated Follow Up feature, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.


Navigate through your action items effortlessly using our search functionality, filtering by vessel, group, or subject. This precision ensures that your team can focus on the follow-ups that matter most, efficiently closing the loop on pending issues and tasks.


When it's time to assign tasks to a vessel, the process is made intuitive with our Assign Follow Up to Vessel(s) screen. Here, you can define the main group and subject, and set pertinent dates. The vessel search bar simplifies the selection of targeted vessels, and the attachment feature allows for the inclusion of relevant documents, ensuring comprehensive action tracking.


NOZZLE’s Follow Up function stands as a testament to our commitment to maritime operational excellence. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, NOZZLE helps you maintain a clear overview of all ongoing and completed tasks.


Set your course towards unparalleled operational management with NOZZLE Ship Management Software. With NOZZLE, chart the waters of proactive management and continuous improvement within your maritime operations.