Proactive Incident and NearMiss Management with NOZZLE


In the domain of maritime safety, the ability to promptly report and address incidents and near-misses is crucial. NOZZLE Ship Management Software provides a robust feature within the HSEQ module's ISM Documents section, specifically designed to capture and manage Incident/Nearmiss reports with precision.


Our intelligent search bar allows for tailored queries across various parameters such as vessel and report type, ensuring you find the exact records you need. This targeted search is essential for tracking and analyzing safety data efficiently.


Entering new Incident/Nearmiss records is streamlined with mandatory fields for Vessel, Report Type, and Date of Event. These fields are pivotal for classifying and initiating a detailed investigation of each occurrence. The Classification tab demands further details on the Type of Loss, Actual Severity, Possible Severity, and Increasing Likelihood, equipping you with a structured approach to risk evaluation.


Supplementary tabs like Conditions, Root Cause, Final Office Review, Corrective & Preventive Action, and Attachments encompass a thorough report, facilitating a comprehensive analysis and response to every incident.


NOZZLE's Incident/Nearmiss feature within the HSEQ module signifies our commitment to maritime safety and operational integrity. It is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the tools necessary for fostering a safety-first culture aboard your vessels.


Explore how NOZZLE Ship Management Software can assist in elevating your safety protocols. Board with us, and navigate your way to a safer, more secure maritime future.