Ensuring Continuous Improvement with NOZZLE's SMS Revision Plan


In the dynamic field of maritime operations, continuous improvement is not just a goal—it's a necessity. NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s HSEQ module features a Safety Management System (SMS) Revision Plan that is specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of maritime safety and compliance.


With our advanced search capabilities, pinpointing the SMS revision activities for your entire fleet or specific vessels becomes a task of ease and precision. This search functionality allows you to efficiently filter revisions based on completion status, issue date, and more, ensuring that you are always on top of every required update.


The Add/Update SMS Revision Plan page is where precision meets functionality. Here, entering the details for Revision Comment, Responsible Person, and Chapter is mandatory, setting the stage for systematic updates and enhancements to your safety management practices.


Whether it’s updating manuals or assigning action plans, NOZZLE ensures that every step of your SMS revision is recorded, trackable, and actionable. The platform’s structured approach to revision planning exemplifies our commitment to your vessel's safety and operational excellence.


Discover how NOZZLE Ship Management Software can enhance your safety management revisions while maintaining the highest standards of maritime safety.