Navigational Excellence with NOZZLE’s Weekly Corrections Follow Up


Navigation is the lifeline of maritime operations, and maintaining up-to-date nautical documents is paramount. NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s Nautical module offers a meticulous Weekly Corrections Follow Up feature, allowing for diligent tracking and updating of navigational publications.


Our system’s refined search bar ensures you can easily filter through vessel-specific data or broader categories to manage your weekly correctional workflows effectively. The Add / Update Safety Correction Office screen is designed for efficient entry of updates, such as the Last Update date and details for various Automated Vessel Control Systems (AVCS) and Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP).


In the Add / Update Weekly Corrections Follow Up section, selecting your vessel is just the beginning. You can input crucial data like Notices to Mariners (NTM), Admiralty List of Radio Signals (ALRS), and Chart Catalogs, alongside Supplier Company information. This comprehensive input capability ensures that every vessel in your fleet operates with the latest guidance for safe and efficient voyaging.


The option to add Office and Vessel Comments creates a platform for internal communication and acknowledgment of updates, facilitating a continuous loop of improvement and compliance.


Turn to NOZZLE’s Nautical module for unmatched support in maintaining your fleet’s navigational standards.