Facilitate IHM Compliance with NOZZLE’s Inventory Data Bank


The Inventory module of NOZZLE ship management software includes a crucial Data Bank section that simplifies the task of managing inventory data, crucial for adhering to maritime industry standards.


Customized Inventory Categorization

The Data Bank's 'Vessel Specific Material Categories' and 'Material Category' options are pivotal in organizing inventory tailored to the unique requirements of each vessel. This structured approach to categorization enables the addition of new records, ensuring that your inventory system grows with your fleet.


IHM Compliance Made Accessible

The 'IHM Report Types' and 'IHM Threshold Values' within the IHM section are specialized tools designed to assist in meeting the compliance needs related to hazardous materials. These features ensure that materials are monitored in accordance with international maritime regulations and threshold limits.


NOZZLE’s Inventory Data Bank provides the tools necessary for precise inventory management. Whether it's for day-to-day operations or meeting stringent compliance standards, our software stands ready to support.