Managing Hazardous Materials with Precision: NOZZLE's Inventory Module


Safety and compliance in managing hazardous materials are of paramount importance in the maritime industry. NOZZLE's Inventory module provides a dedicated section for Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) that ensures these critical materials are meticulously tracked and reported.


Efficient Searching for Quick Access

The IHM section simplifies the search process with an intuitive interface. Select your vessel and report type from the drop-down menus, or input specific dates to find reports within a certain timeframe. This refined search capability allows for efficient access to pertinent information.


Comprehensive IHM Report Creation

Adding or updating an IHM Report is made straightforward with mandatory fields such as Vessel, Report Type, Title, Date of Issue, Status, and Company, which must be filled to maintain comprehensive records. This ensures all details are accounted for, from the title of the report to the company responsible for the issuance.


Inventory of Hazardous Materials: A Detailed Account

Through the Inventory of Hazardous Materials tab, you can add or update records with precise data entries for equipment, inventory numbers, hazardous substances, quantities, and any additional remarks. This level of detail supports thorough tracking and adherence to environmental and safety regulations.


Attachments and Status Activity Log for Enhanced Record-keeping

Attachments and Status Activity Logs are integral parts of the system, providing a repository for relevant documents and a chronological account of status updates, enhancing transparency and auditability of hazardous material handling.


With NOZZLE's Inventory of Hazardous Materials reporting, you can maintain the highest safety standards while ensuring compliance with international maritime regulations. Embrace the future of maritime safety management with NOZZLE's advanced solutions.