Anchor Your Inventory Control with NOZZLE: Precision in Every Transaction


Track and manage your inventory transactions with precision using NOZZLE’s Ship Management Software. Our Inventory module’s Inventory Transaction section offers a meticulous approach to monitoring stock movements on your vessels.


Selecting the inventory transaction type and date range in the search bar will navigate you to a detailed display of transactions, listing out dates, types, inventory items, locations, quantities, and units. This real-time tracking ensures that your inventory control is accurate and up-to-date, crucial for the smooth operation of your vessels.


Every transaction recorded reflects the meticulous detail with which NOZZLE helps you maintain your stock, ensuring you have the necessary resources where and when you need them, without excess or deficiency.


Learn more about how NOZZLE’s Inventory Transaction feature can anchor your inventory management strategy. With NOZZLE, you have the power to maintain an efficient inventory system, pivotal for the streamlined operations of your maritime business.