Empower Your Maritime Inventory Management with NOZZLE’s Material Section


Navigating the vast expanse of inventory on a maritime vessel requires precision and ease of access. NOZZLE’s ship management software offers a robust Inventory module, equipped with a sophisticated Material section designed to enhance your inventory tracking and management capabilities.


Smart Search Functionality

Our intuitive search bar within the Material section allows for efficient filtering of inventory items using specific keywords. Tailor your search further by selecting categories, statuses, and tracking types to quickly locate items. This targeted search capability is crucial for managing inventory efficiently and ensuring that you can promptly find what you're looking for, even when dealing with hazardous materials.


Detailed Material Entry and Updates

Adding and updating inventory is streamlined through our 'Add/Update Material' interface. Input fields such as Material Category, Code, and Stock Tracking Type are designed for accuracy and compliance with maritime inventory standards. Each entry point ensures that every piece of inventory is cataloged with precision, from general supplies to the most crucial parts of your vessel’s toolkit.


Multifaceted Tracking for a Full Inventory Overview

Dive into details with tabs for Stocks, Structures, Attachments, Status Activity Log, and Additional Information. Each tab provides layers of information and tracking, ensuring that your inventory records are as comprehensive as they are up-to-date.


With NOZZLE’s Material section of the Inventory module, experience unmatched control over your ship’s inventory. Our software is designed to cater to the intricate demands of maritime inventory management, ensuring that every item is accounted for and easily accessible.