Elevate Your Inventory Oversight with NOZZLE's Material Recommendation Feature


In the realm of ship management, keeping a precise inventory is not just about numbers; it’s about ensuring every piece of material is accounted for, easily accessible, and adequately maintained. NOZZLE’s Material Recommendation feature within the Inventory module is engineered to assist maritime professionals in navigating this complex terrain with ease.


Intuitive Search Capabilities for Expedient Access

Utilize the sophisticated search bar to find exactly what you need in a snap. Select from filters like All Vessels, Material Statuses, and Categories, or use a specific Keyword to refine your search. This ensures that every query leads to an accurate, quick, and relevant result.


Material Recommendations to Keep You Prepared

Creating or updating material recommendations is a structured process with NOZZLE. Input the vessel's name and material category, then assign a unique code and the material's name. The Status and Stock Tracking Type ensure that you are informed about the material's availability and movement. Units of measure are selectable to match your inventory's standards, and there's a space for a thorough description to give context to the items listed.


Optimized for Maximum Efficiency and Clarity

Each recommendation is cataloged within a streamlined interface, enabling easy entry and review of material details. Stocks, Structures, Attachments, Status Activity Log, and Additional Information tabs offer in-depth insight into your inventory, allowing for effective and informed decision-making.


NOZZLE’s Material Recommendation tool is your ally in maintaining a ship’s inventory with precision and foresight. Experience the difference in inventory management with NOZZLE's comprehensive solutions today.