Safeguard Your Vessel with NOZZLE’s Onboard Hazardous Materials Management


Navigating the complexities of hazardous materials on a vessel demands meticulous oversight. NOZZLE’s Inventory module introduces a specialized Onboard Hazardous Materials feature, designed to enhance the safety and compliance of maritime operations.


Simplified Search for Onboard Safety

Initiate searches within the Onboard Hazardous Materials database with ease. The user-friendly search function allows you to select a specific vessel, delivering a filtered view of all associated hazardous materials. This targeted approach ensures you can quickly assess and manage the materials relevant to each vessel in your fleet.


Efficient Record Creation and Updating

NOZZLE simplifies the task of maintaining hazardous material records. Through the Add / Update Onboard Hazardous Material interface, selecting a vessel, and specifying equipment and inventory details is straightforward. The system supports the entry of hazardous substances and approximate quantities, ensuring each record is complete and up to date.


Critical Information at a Glance

The Onboard Hazardous Materials list provides essential details, including the name of the substance, its quantity, and safety declarations. Fields for additional remarks and threshold levels are also available, offering crucial information that supports risk management and regulatory compliance.


Efficient Documentation Management

Easily attach material and supplier declarations with the option to upload files directly within the record. This feature ensures that all necessary documentation is linked with the hazardous material entry, promoting organized and accessible records.


With the Onboard Hazardous Materials management feature, NOZZLE equips maritime operators with the tools required for diligent oversight of potentially hazardous cargo.