Inventory Insights with NOZZLE: Empower Your Fleet with Accurate Reporting


In the maritime industry, a comprehensive understanding of inventory is critical. NOZZLE's Inventory module introduces two key reporting features: Inventory Quantity Report and Inventory Value Report. These reports are vital tools for ship managers who need a clear picture of their on-board assets.


Detailed Reporting at Your Command

The Inventory Report section is engineered to deliver precise information tailored to your specific needs. Through the 'Preview Parameters', you can customize reports by selecting options such as Vessel, Inventory Location, Equipment, Equipment Priority, and Material Category. With these details set, a simple click on 'SUBMIT' generates the reports that will guide your inventory management decisions.


Inventory Quantity Report: Know Your Stock Levels

Keep tabs on the quantities of materials you have on board. Whether it's a critical spare part or general supplies, the Inventory Quantity Report provides an itemized account of your stock, ensuring you're prepared for all operational necessities.


Inventory Value Report: Gauge Your Assets

Understanding the value of your inventory is as crucial as knowing the quantity. The Inventory Value Report calculates the monetary value of your on-board items, providing a clear financial picture that aids in budgeting and fiscal planning.


Efficient Reporting, Enhanced Decisions

These reporting features are designed to enhance the decision-making process for ship managers by providing them with detailed and relevant data. Efficient inventory management supports proactive maintenance, operational readiness, and financial planning.


With NOZZLE’s Inventory Report features, managing a fleet's resources has never been more accurate. Take the helm with NOZZLE’s advanced inventory reporting and set the course for success.