Set Sail with Efficient Inventory Management: NOZZLE's Advanced Stocktaking Solutions


Keep your ship’s inventory in check and accurately accounted for with NOZZLE’s Ship Management Software. The Stocktaking section within our Crew module provides an efficient way to manage stock levels and audit inventory across your fleet.


Selecting the vessel in the Search bar triggers a tailored search that brings up stocktaking records. By clicking 'Add', you can enter new stocktaking data, including Vessel, Title, Issued by, Report Date, and Status. The Inventory List tab reveals all inventory items and allows you to update storage locations, ensuring precise tracking of materials and parts.


Additionally, the Transaction Logs tab assists in monitoring inventory movements by transaction type and date. With Attachments and Status Activity Log tabs, maintaining comprehensive records is simple and orderly.


Embrace the ease of inventory audits and stay afloat with accurate stocktakes that sail beyond traditional management.