Navigate with Precision: NOZZLE's Inventory Storage Location Management


In the intricate world of ship management, knowing the exact location of every item is essential. NOZZLE’s Inventory module offers a Storage Location feature that provides detailed oversight of every item's storage placement aboard your vessels.


Search with Specificity, Find with Clarity

With the advanced search functionality, you can locate any inventory item with ease. Select a vessel, enter keywords, and use date ranges or specific inventory and unit types to narrow your search. This focused approach enables precise tracking and swift retrieval of inventory items, ensuring that necessary materials are always at hand.


Introducing Simplicity in Adding and Updating Storage Locations

Adding or updating a storage location is an effortless task with NOZZLE. Choose a vessel and, if necessary, a parent storage location to establish the hierarchical structure of your inventory. Enter a code and a name for the storage location, and provide a description for additional clarity.


Impeccable Record-Keeping for Operational Integrity

Creating a new storage location record enhances your ability to manage inventory spaces efficiently. Accurate coding and naming of storage locations mean that your inventory system reflects the exact layout of your ship's storage capabilities.


NOZZLE’s Storage Location feature within the Inventory module is a testament to our commitment to providing robust ship management solutions.