ISM & Document Management

ISM & Document Control Management

You can constitute your International Safety Management (ISM) documents, but you need a robust management system to implement it. Whether completed manually or electronically, NOZZLE ISM and Documents module helps you upload and publish your forms and documents.

NOZZLE Ship Management system makes it easier to track the revisions made on each document, follow the changes and compare them with the previous version.

Benefits of NOZZLE ISM & Document Module


Manuals & Documents
Define your ISM and let us help you upload all company manuals, documents, and ISM documents. If you wish, you can do it independently, whether it be word, excel, or PowerPoint.


ISM Forms
All forms can be filled electronically or manually, depending on the company requirements.


Track revision changes and compare with previous revisions.


Do you need to download a document and print it? You can assign the ship to be able to print an “uncontrolled” watermarked copy.


Manuals & Documents
You can download all documents in the system and define if your ship could download the same or not.


Publish the new revisions of any document and have your personnel track the differences between the two versions with just a click.

Read Receipt

Modified Revisions
It is easy to track the personnel who have seen the new version and those who haven’t with the read receipt report.


Documents, ISM
Control who can view a document, who can download it, and who can modify it.


Any word search goes beyond the document title. You can search the document contents thoroughly with this SEARCH option.