Precision in Bunker Delivery Management with NOZZLE


NOZZLE Ship Management Software introduces an exceptional Bunker Delivery Receipt component in the Operations module, designed to record and manage the intricacies of fuel transactions for your maritime operations.


Comprehensive Bunker Receipt Entries

Our system allows for extensive searching capabilities, enabling the location and tracking of bunker deliveries across all vessels and ports with ease. In the 'Add/Update Bunker Delivery Receipt' section, certain details are mandatory for maintaining a thorough record. These include Vessel, Port, Reported Date, Status, BDN No, Supplier, Bunker Type, and the Bunkered Quantity.


Full Documentation for Every Transaction

With dedicated sections for Attachments, Comments, and a Status Activity Log, each receipt can be fully documented with relevant files and notes, ensuring a robust paper trail for every transaction. This thorough documentation is essential for audits, compliance, and historical analysis.


NOZZLE's Bunker Delivery Receipt feature offers unmatched detail and control, ensuring that your bunker delivery records are as thorough and precise as your operations demand.


For more insights into how NOZZLE Ship Management Software can enhance your fuel transaction recording and management, explore our full range of features available. Trust NOZZLE to bring precision to every aspect of your maritime operations.