Optimize Fuel Management with NOZZLE's Bunker Logs Feature


NOZZLE Ship Management Software offers an advanced Bunker & Tanks module that provides an in-depth view of your vessel's fuel management operations.


Essential Bunker Activity Documentation

The Bunker Logs section is designed to meticulously document bunker activities. As part of the comprehensive Bunker & Tanks module, this feature allows for precise selection of vessels and bunkers. Required fields such as Vessel, Report Date & Time, and Time Zone are essential for maintaining an accurate record of bunker operations.


Detailed Bunker Data Input

Under the Bunker Information tab, you can record a wealth of data, including Bunker Type, Quantities, Sulphur content, as well as consumption figures for the Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, and Boilers. This level of detail is crucial for monitoring fuel usage and optimizing the operational efficiency of your fleet.


NOZZLE’s Bunker Logs feature is an indispensable tool for modern maritime operations, providing the detailed information needed to manage your fleet's fuel consumption effectively.


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