Navigating the Sea of Data with NOZZLE's Comprehensive Data Bank


At the core of adept maritime operations management lies the command over data - an asset NOZZLE Ship Management Software comprehends with paramount importance. The Operations module's Data Bank is the bedrock for storing and managing a myriad of vital information streams, structured under distinct yet interconnected categories: Voyage, Bunker & Tanks, Deck Engine Log, Statement of Fact, Loss of Hire, and Carbon Intensity Indicator.


A Reservoir of Maritime Information

Each category within the Data Bank is an extensive repository for specific operational data. From voyage-specific details like cargo types and additional operations to fuel and tank management with bunkers and tanks, NOZZLE ensures that every aspect of ship operation is meticulously documented.


Integrated Deck Management

The Deck Engine Log consolidates vessel status, operations, and controls into an accessible format. Similarly, the Statement of Fact logs real-time events, ensuring that each action is recorded and letters of protest are managed effectively.


Financial Control and Environmental Oversight

Loss of Hire tracking provides critical financial data, enhancing strategic decisions related to vessel downtime, while the Carbon Intensity Indicator holds environmental compliance data, crucial for modern sustainable practices.


Explore the expansive capabilities of NOZZLE's Data Bank. Let NOZZLE support the backbone of your shipping operations with its data-centric solutions, promoting informed decision-making and operational excellence in the maritime industry.