NOZZLE’s Deck & Engine Log: Capturing Every Detail of Your Voyage


Navigate your fleet operations with precision using the Deck & Engine Log feature of NOZZLE Ship Management Software. This integral part of the Operations module provides comprehensive tools to record and manage essential voyage data.


Voyage Tracking Made Efficient

Select your vessel and easily access the 'Add/Update Deck Engine Log' to enter crucial information such as Vessel, Voyage No, Port, Report Date and Time, and Vessel Status. These details are fundamental to maintaining an accurate log of your ship's journey.


Comprehensive Data Recording

In the 'Voyage Information' tab, fill in navigational details like Latitude and Longitude, ensuring that every course your vessel takes is documented for analysis and record-keeping.


Detailed Weather and Engine Insights

Under the 'Weather, Engine & Remark' section, log environmental conditions such as wind direction and force, and keep meticulous records of engine performance, including rpm and pitch. This data is vital for assessing voyage conditions and engine efficiency.


Fuel and Storage Management

Efficiently track your bunker and tank status with the 'Bunker & Tank' logs, detailing fuel types, quantities, and storage data. This feature is designed to help you manage your vessel's fuel and storage capacities effectively.


Cargo Operations and Documentation

The 'Cargoes & SOF (Statement of Facts)' along with 'Alerts & Comments' tabs ensure that all cargo operations are logged and any necessary alerts or observations are noted, promoting a transparent operational workflow.


Effortless Documentation Access

With an 'Attachments' tab, uploading and accessing voyage-related documents is simplified, enabling you to maintain a complete digital record that supports your maritime operations.