Global Fleet Monitoring with NOZZLE's Fleet on Map


Track your maritime operations globally with NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s intuitive Fleet on Map feature. Embedded within our robust Operations module, this tool provides a real-time geospatial view of your vessels' locations and voyages.


Real-Time Vessel Tracking

With simple selections from 'Select Vessel' and 'Select Voyage No', pinpoint the exact location of any ship in your fleet. Upon your selection, the map will zoom into the chosen vessel, displaying its current position on the high seas.


Comprehensive Vessel Details

Clicking on a vessel icon brings up a wealth of information, including voyage number, status, ports of departure and destination, ETA, cargo details, and more. This on-demand data access provides insights into your fleet’s movements at a glance.


The Fleet on Map feature of NOZZLE puts comprehensive, real-time location data at your fingertips, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed operational decisions.


Discover the exceptional capabilities of NOZZLE Ship Management Software for comprehensive visibility into your maritime operations. Embrace the clarity and control offered by our global fleet monitoring solutions.