Navigate Financial Waters with NOZZLE's Loss of Hire Tracking


NOZZLE Ship Management Software includes a Loss of Hire module within the Operations suite, offering meticulous tracking for any downtime and financial impacts on your fleet.


Strategic Loss Management

With the Loss of Hire feature, you can sift through your entire fleet, voyages, loss types, and groups with a comprehensive search function. Select a vessel and corresponding voyage, and the system will guide you through logging and categorizing any lost hire scenarios.


Detailed Incident Documentation

The 'Add/Update Loss of Hire' screen is designed for simplicity and thoroughness. Here you can select the appropriate Loss Hire Group and Loss Type, and provide detailed comments for each entry. This ensures every incident is recorded with precision, providing valuable data for claims handling and operational reviews.


NOZZLE’s Loss of Hire feature is specifically crafted to safeguard the financial interests of your maritime operations.


Deeper dive into how the NOZZLE Ship Management Software's Loss of Hire feature can protect and enhance your fleet's profitability. Embrace the control and foresight NOZZLE provides in the financial stewardship of your maritime assets.