Navigate with Precision: NOZZLE's Statement of Facts Feature


In the meticulous world of maritime operations, capturing the specifics of each voyage accurately is crucial. NOZZLE Ship Management Software provides an indispensable tool within the Operations module - the Statement of Facts (SOF) section.


Vital Voyage Documentation at Your Fingertips

Within the SOF, essential voyage details are easily managed. By selecting a vessel, maritime professionals can swiftly add or update facts, logging critical information such as Vessel, Voyage, Port, Terminal, Cargo, and Time Zone. This meticulous documentation is central to ensuring all aspects of the voyage are recorded for transparency and operational integrity.


Proactive Issue Management with Letter of Protest

The SOF includes a dedicated area for recording any Letters of Protest - crucial in outlining any disputes or issues that arose during the voyage, preserving the interests of the involved parties.


Tracking Events with Clarity

Adding new events is straightforward in the SOF section, where you can keep track of the latest activities and significant dates. This real-time recording ensures that every critical event is documented and accessible for review.


Internal Communication Enhanced

Internal Notes provide space for vessel and office comments, enhancing communication between ship and shore. This integrated feedback loop allows for immediate notation of observations and remarks pertinent to the voyage.


NOZZLE's Statement of Facts feature within the Operations module streamlines the management of voyage-related information. Our tool is designed to capture every detail, ensuring that operational records are comprehensive and up-to-date.


Discover how the NOZZLE Ship Management Software's SOF feature can bolster your operational accuracy. Ensure your voyage data is as precise as your navigation with NOZZLE.