Enhancing Port Operations with NOZZLE's Terminal Suggestion Tool


In the ever-evolving landscape of maritime logistics, the ability to provide timely and actionable feedback on terminal operations is invaluable. NOZZLE Ship Management Software’s Terminal Suggestion tool within the Terminal Feedback section is designed to facilitate precise and effective communication between vessels and port authorities.


Centralized Terminal Information Submission

Our Terminal Suggestion feature enables the seamless entry of essential data such as Vessel, Port, and Terminal, coupled with critical Maneuvering Information. By ensuring all required fields are meticulously filled out, NOZZLE supports comprehensive terminal assessments that enhance future port calls.


Detailed Reporting for Operational Excellence

Beyond the basics, the tool offers designated spaces for detailed Information entries and Comments. Here, users can document specific observations about arrival and departure protocols, cargo operations, and any other relevant insights that contribute to a holistic understanding of terminal interactions.


Attach and Share with Ease

The inclusion of an Attachment tab provides the convenience of uploading relevant documents directly within the platform. Whether it's maneuvering charts, cargo handling logs, or any other pertinent documents, NOZZLE ensures they are securely stored and easily shared.


With the Terminal Suggestion tool, NOZZLE offers a proactive approach to improving port operations through structured feedback. It's not just about what has happened; it's about shaping what comes next.


Discover the full potential of NOZZLE's Terminal Suggestion tool. Take control of your terminal operations with our intelligent feedback system and pave the way for smoother, more efficient port experiences.