Optimize Your Fleet's Dry Dock Efficiency with NOZZLE's Comprehensive Planning Tools


Dry dock planning and execution are crucial stages in the lifecycle of a vessel, demanding meticulous organization and foresight. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software's PMS module offers a refined DryDock section to facilitate this process. 


The DryDock search function allows for a refined search by vessel, ensuring that you can plan and oversee dry dock projects with precision. In the Add/Update Project & Drydock interface, essential details such as the Vessel, Title, Planned Date, End Date, and Status are input, creating a structured overview of the project timeline and its current progression.


Key tabs such as Work Order, ANTBI (Any New Threats or Benefits Identified), Attachments, and Status Activity Log enrich the planning process. They serve as repositories for all related documentation and logs, offering a comprehensive view of each project stage, from conception through completion.


NOZZLE's DryDock feature in the PMS module exemplifies our commitment to providing thorough and organized tools for the maritime industry.


Leverage NOZZLE's DryDock capabilities to optimize your vessel maintenance schedules and projects, ensuring every dry dock endeavor is executed flawlessly, on time, and within scope. With NOZZLE, ensure your fleet’s time out of water is minimal, efficient, and meticulously managed.