Optimizing Maritime Operations: Master Equipment Management with NOZZLE's PMS Module


Managing a vessel's equipment effectively is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and safety at sea. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software offers a comprehensive solution within the PMS module, particularly through the Equipment Setup section, facilitating meticulous management of all onboard equipment.


The Equipment Setup's search functionality allows for precise queries based on vessel, equipment type, structure, category, and priority. This enables the management team to maintain an organized and up-to-date inventory of all equipment details, specifications, and maintenance requirements.


Updating equipment details is a simplified process. Required fields such as Vessel, Code, and Equipment Name ensure each piece of equipment is uniquely identified and tracked. The Maintenance Parts tab serves as a detailed ledger, allowing for the input of part names, drawing numbers, and other crucial data, enabling a quick response to maintenance needs.


The Additional Information, Specs, Counter & Measurement Logs, Work Order, Job Plan, Reports, and Attachments tabs provide an in-depth view of each equipment's lifecycle. From installation to routine checks and urgent repairs, each tab captures essential information, making it readily available for efficient decision-making.


NOZZLE's PMS module with its Equipment Setup section provides a centralized platform for all your equipment management needs.


With NOZZLE's Equipment Setup, the complex world of ship equipment management is simplified, allowing you to maintain a clear overview of your fleet's operational assets. Choose NOZZLE, and bring a new level of organization and control to your maritime operations.