Enhance Vessel Operations: Navigate Task Scheduling with NOZZLE's Job Plan in the PMS Module


Task scheduling and resource allocation are pivotal for maintaining the seamless operation of a vessel. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software, with its PMS module, provides an intuitive Job Plan functionality that makes managing these tasks effortless and efficient.


The Job Plan feature within the Equipment Setup section is your go-to for creating a structured schedule of maintenance tasks. Here, you can search for and select vessels to view and manage their associated job plans. This feature ensures that each job is logged, scheduled, and allocated the necessary manpower and materials.


Creating a job plan is straightforward, with required fields such as Status ensuring that each job is tracked from inception to completion. The Triggers tab allows for detailed scheduling, with intervals and trigger types that keep maintenance routines on track. The Resources tab splits into Man Power and Material Resources, ensuring that both human and material capital are adequately planned for each task.


Additionally, the To Do List, Related Jobs, Work Orders, Attachments, and Status Activity Log tabs provide an all-encompassing view of each job's life cycle. This multi-faceted approach ensures that all aspects of a job are considered and monitored, from the initial planning stages to the final execution and review.


NOZZLE's Job Plan within the PMS module is a testament to the software's capability to simplify complex operational tasks.


With NOZZLE's Job Plan feature, prepare to manage your vessel's maintenance and operational tasks with unparalleled clarity and control. NOZZLE ensures that each job, no matter how complex, is meticulously planned and executed with precision.