Mastering Fleet Maintenance: Unveil the Power of NOZZLE's Job Pool in the PMS Module


The orchestration of ship maintenance is an intricate dance of planning and execution. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software, particularly the PMS module, understands this complexity and provides an elegant solution through the Job Pool functionality within the Structure Setup section.


This vital component of NOZZLE's software suite allows for the precise scheduling and execution of maintenance jobs. The Job Pool search functionality filters through tasks by vessel, enabling a focused view on the specific needs of each ship in the fleet.


In the Add/Update Job Pool interface, essential details such as Code, Job Title, Job Type, Job Category, and Trigger Initiation are entered, laying the groundwork for thorough job tracking and accountability. The Triggers tab demands specifics about intervals and types, ensuring maintenance occurs in a timely and proactive manner.


The To Do List tab serves as a checklist for necessary actions, while the Resources tab categorizes manpower and material resources, ensuring all aspects of job execution are anticipated and prepared for. This level of detail is not just about maintenance; it's about the proactive management of the fleet's wellbeing.


NOZZLE's Job Pool is a testament to the software's precision in managing the myriad tasks that keep a fleet afloat and functioning optimally.


Immerse yourself in the detailed world of NOZZLE's Job Pool, where every task is an opportunity to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your fleet. With NOZZLE, every job is a step towards perfection in ship management.