Chart a Course for Excellence: NOZZLE's Precision Measurement Logs in the PMS Module


NOZZLE's Ship Management Software is synonymous with meticulous tracking and reporting, essential for maintaining the health and efficiency of your fleet. The PMS module's Measurements section, featuring the Measurement Logs, exemplifies this precision.


The Measurement Logs is a feature that captains, engineers, and fleet managers can rely on to monitor the condition and performance of the vessels' equipment. Through the search bar, you can effortlessly filter through logs by vessel, equipment, and measurement points, all within the designated timeframe. This comprehensive search ability ensures no measurement escapes your notice, and the performance history of each vessel's equipment is just a few clicks away.


Adding or updating a measurement log is a task rooted in detail. It requires specifying the vessel, equipment, and measurement point, followed by inputting the current reading date. Additionally, selections for time zone and reader are made to ensure the readings' accuracy and relevance.


NOZZLE's PMS module with its Measurement Logs is an integral tool for those who understand that effective ship management depends on precise and up-to-date data.


Turn to NOZZLE's Measurement Logs for an accurate, user-friendly record-keeping experience that supports proactive maintenance and operational decision-making. Trust NOZZLE to keep a close watch on the pulse of your vessels' machinery, where every log is a step towards maritime excellence.