Sharpen Your Fleet's Efficiency: Precision Equipment Tracking with NOZZLE's Measurement Points


Accurate measurement and tracking of equipment performance are paramount in the maritime industry. NOZZLE's Ship Management Software, within the PMS module, offers a robust Measurement Points feature under Equipment Setup, providing a critical tool for ensuring the health and efficiency of vessel operations.


Through the Equipment Setup's search functionality, users can easily select a vessel and narrow down the search to specific equipment and measurement points. The Add/Update Measurement Point screen demands precise input for fields such as Vessel, Equipment, Input Property, Measurement Point, Reader, and Time Zone—each a critical piece of the puzzle in tracking and analyzing equipment performance.


Initial readings and dates set the baseline for monitoring, crucial for trend analysis and predictive maintenance. This proactive approach to equipment management ensures that potential issues can be identified and addressed before they escalate into costly downtime.


NOZZLE's Measurement Points within the Equipment Setup of the PMS module represents our commitment to delivering a detailed, user-friendly system for monitoring critical vessel equipment.


Dive into the depths of precise equipment management with NOZZLE, where every reading sharpens the focus on maintaining your fleet's peak condition. With NOZZLE, rest assured that the heart of your vessel's machinery beats to the rhythm of reliability and excellence.