Crafting Vessel Histories with Precision: Dive into NOZZLE’s Service & Engineering Reports


In the realm of ship management, service and engineering reports are not just documents—they are the narratives that chart the course of a vessel's operational history. The PMS module of NOZZLE's Ship Management Software introduces the Service & Engineer Reports section, an area designed for meticulous record-keeping and accessibility.


Within this domain, the search bar enables you to filter reports by vessel, providing a tailored view of service and engineering activities. The Add/Update Service & Engineer Reports interface demands attention to detail, with mandatory fields such as Vessel, Report Type, Title, and the User who reported it, along with the Report Date and Status, forming the backbone of reliable documentation.


Tabs like Equipment, ANTBI (Any New Threats and Benefits Identified), Comments, Attachments, and Status Activity Log invite comprehensive entries that go beyond mere data. They allow for a narrative, capturing not just the what and the when, but the how and the why of each service and engineering event.


NOZZLE's Service & Engineer Reports within the PMS module is where thoroughness meets technology.


Step into the future of ship management with NOZZLE, where every service and engineer report is a chapter in your vessel's story of resilience and reliability. With NOZZLE, you're not just keeping records; you're writing history.