Harmonize Your Inventory: Master Spare Parts Management with NOZZLE's PMS Module


In the intricate dance of ship management, the availability and management of spare parts is a performance that NOZZLE's Ship Management Software executes with finesse. Within the PMS module, the Spare Parts section stands out as a crucial component, orchestrating the inventory of essential items necessary for the uninterrupted operation of a vessel.


This vital segment allows for detailed searches based on the vessel, enabling managers to swiftly pinpoint specific equipment and associated spare parts. The Spare Part interface is a comprehensive tool where item categories, codes, names, and units are entered, offering a clear overview of inventory at hand.


Under the Available Stocks tab, you can log the storage locations and quantities of each item on board each vessel, turning the daunting task of stock management into a symphony of order and efficiency. The Equipment tab aligns equipment with available spare parts, ensuring that maintenance and repairs can be conducted without delays.


In the Requisition tab, requisition numbers, types, and quantities are meticulously recorded, streamlining the process from requisition to fulfillment. This tab is harmonized with others such as Purchase Order, Claims, Stock Taking, and Attachments, creating a cohesive picture of the spare parts lifecycle.


NOZZLE's PMS module and its Spare Parts section is emblematic of our dedication to providing a harmonious and efficient solution for managing the lifeline of ship operations—spare parts.


Let NOZZLE's Spare Parts management be the conductor of your inventory orchestra, where every piece plays its part in the grand symphony of ship management. Welcome to NOZZLE, where every spare part has its place, and every vessel sings a tune of operational excellence.