Fortifying Fleet Integrity: Master Structural Management with NOZZLE's PMS Module


In the demanding world of ship management, understanding and maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of each vessel is vital. NOZZLE’s Ship Management Software, through its PMS module, provides a robust Structure Setup section, ensuring that every aspect of a vessel's structure is meticulously organized and accessible.


The Structure Setup’s search bar allows for the selection of vessels to manage their individual structures. The Add/Update Structure screen facilitates the creation and modification of structures, requiring inputs for Parent Structure, Structure Type, Code, Structure Name, Unit, and Quantity, thereby ensuring a comprehensive overview of the vessel’s components.


The inclusion of tabs such as Additional Information, Equipment, and Attachments enables detailed documentation of each structure, while the Specs & Measurement Point tab provides specific details for monitoring and maintenance purposes.


Job Pool is particularly critical as it integrates tasks directly with the structure, allowing for seamless job scheduling and execution. Here, jobs are detailed by Code, Job Title, Job Type, Job Category, and their respective Triggers and Departments, optimizing the workflow and ensuring accountability.


NOZZLE’s Structure Setup within the PMS module is an epitome of the detailed organizational approach required in modern ship management. Discover more about how NOZZLE can enhance the structural management of your fleet.


Engage with NOZZLE’s Structure Setup, where every element of your vessel’s architecture is cataloged, tracked, and maintained with precision, reflecting a commitment to safety, efficiency, and longevity in your fleet’s operational life.