Elevate Maintenance Efficiency with NOZZLE’s PMS: Advanced Work Order Management


In the demanding realm of vessel maintenance, NOZZLE’s PMS (Planned Maintenance System) module stands as an exemplary tool, intricately designed to cater to the nuances of managing work orders with precision and adaptability. Our Work Order section is a testament to our dedication to upholding the highest standards of maintenance management.


The search bar within the Work Order section is robust, allowing for detailed queries by vessels, responsibilities, due dates, and completion dates. This feature facilitates targeted searches to monitor and manage work orders efficiently, ensuring tasks are completed within the stipulated timeframes.


Within the Actions menu, users can navigate to various options, including Unplanned Work Order, Unscheduled Work Order, and Pre Operations Work Order, each tailored to fit the specific maintenance needs that may arise unexpectedly.


For the addition of Unplanned Work Orders, the selection of Vessel, Equipment, and Unplanned Reason is streamlined for ease and clarity. This ensures that any unforeseen maintenance tasks are quickly incorporated into the system and addressed promptly.


Similarly, the Unscheduled Work Order and Pre Operation Work Order screens maintain this simplicity, focusing on the essential fields to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.


When it comes to postponing a work order, the Postpone Request screen is intuitively designed to capture all necessary details, enabling users to manage maintenance schedules proactively and effectively.


The Work Order Detail screen encapsulates the essence of task management, with fields for Vessel Equipment, Work Order Code, Work Title, and Status, alongside a tab for Additional Information that includes Job Category and Trigger.


NOZZLE’s PMS module encapsulates our unwavering commitment to simplifying the complexities of work order management.


Prepare to elevate your vessel maintenance strategy with NOZZLE, where precision, flexibility, and comprehensive oversight are seamlessly integrated. With NOZZLE’s PMS module, effective work order management is not just an objective; it's an achievable standard.