NOZZLE: Your Solution for Efficient Claims Management in Maritime Operations


In the demanding field of maritime operations, handling procurement claims can be a complex task. NOZZLE's Claim feature within the Procurement module is crafted to simplify and enhance the accuracy of this process.


Comprehensive Claims Overview

The Claim management tool in NOZZLE provides a detailed and organized view of your ordered items. It records essential details including material categories, codes, items, and financial specifics such as unit price and total cost—all centralized for ease of access and review.


Accessible Detailed Information

With NOZZLE, additional information about items is just a click away. Our system ensures all data related to your claims, including quantities and pricing, is tracked and easily retrievable, facilitating prompt resolution of any issues.


Document Management Made Easy

Avoid the hassle of tracking down paperwork with the integrated Attachments tab in NOZZLE. Upload and manage all necessary documents related to claims, maintaining order and accessibility for all stakeholders involved.


Optimized Operations for Maritime Professionals

NOZZLE's platform is tailored to support maritime professionals by providing an optimized approach to claims management. Rest assured, with NOZZLE, your operational claims are managed with precision and care.


Transform how you manage procurement claims with NOZZLE's advanced features. Discover the full capabilities of our system and take the first step towards enhanced operational management today.