Elevate Your Fleet's Operational Efficiency with NOZZLE's Despatch Management


NOZZLE's cloud-based platform is revolutionizing maritime operations with its robust Despatch management tool. This key feature of our Procurement module offers precision and control, ensuring that every logistical movement is handled with the utmost efficiency.


Detailed Despatch Item Entries

With NOZZLE, you gain immediate insight into your fleet’s dispatch activities. Enter key details such as item names, units, and quantities with ease. Also, our platform captures who added the item and the date it was entered, promoting accuracy and accountability.


Simplified Documentation Management

Stay organized with our user-friendly Attachments tab. Seamlessly upload and access all relevant despatch documents, streamlining the way your fleet manages and retrieves important records.


Expedited Despatch Execution

Launching a dispatch is a simple click away. Our straightforward 'Send Despatch' function is designed to ensure your items are en route promptly, keeping your operations on schedule.


Transparent and Updated Despatch Tracking

Monitor the progress of each dispatch from inception to completion. NOZZLE's platform allows for real-time status updates, providing a comprehensive view of your despatch's lifecycle.


Discover the power of precise despatch management with NOZZLE and navigate your fleet to new heights of operational productivity. Explore our solutions and see how we're setting the course for more efficient maritime logistics.