Efficiently Manage Deliveries with NOZZLE's Goods Receipt Feature


In the bustling world of maritime logistics, keeping track of received goods is essential. NOZZLE Ship Management Software introduces the Goods Receipt feature nestled within the Procurement module to ensure every delivery is accounted for.


Detailed Receipt Input

With Goods Receipt, precision is just a few clicks away. Vessel operators can enter vital details such as Vessel, PO Number, Goods Receipt Number, Delivery Port, and the receiving personnel's information. Ensuring that each consignment is accurately logged upon arrival.


Streamlined Inventory Allocation

The option to 'Create Storage Location' allows for clear designation of where goods should be stored, streamlining the organization of incoming materials. The 'Select Storage Locations' option further refines inventory management, making it easy to specify where each item is housed within the vessel's storage compartments.


Item Reception Clarity

'Receive Selected Item' is a feature that brings clarity to the reception process. It displays precisely how many items were expected and how many have been received, ensuring discrepancies can be spotted and addressed promptly.


With the Goods Receipt feature in NOZZLE, the complexity of tracking deliveries is made simple. This tool is part of our broader commitment to empowering maritime operations with technology that saves time and increases accuracy.


Explore the full capabilities of the Goods Receipt feature and how it complements the suite of tools in NOZZLE Ship Management Software. Gear up for a new level of efficiency in your delivery and inventory management processes with NOZZLE.