Advanced Purchase Order Management with NOZZLE's Procurement Platform


In the realm of maritime operations, managing purchase orders is as critical as navigating the high seas. NOZZLE’s comprehensive Purchase Order (PO) management tool within the Procurement module offers a suite of features designed for efficiency and accuracy in supply chain management.


Centralized Purchase Order Creation

Initiate and manage your purchase orders in one central hub with NOZZLE. Our intuitive interface lets you quickly input PO numbers, vendor details, and key transaction dates, streamlining your procurement workflow from start to finish.


Extensive PO Management Tabs

Navigate through various aspects of the purchase order process with tabs such as Ordered Items, IHM, Conditions, and Goods Receipt. This feature set ensures that from order creation to the receipt of goods, every step is recorded and easily accessible.


Comprehensive Payment and Invoicing

Stay on top of your financials with the Payment & Invoices tab. Our system allows you to monitor payments, manage invoices, and keep track of all monetary transactions related to your POs, ensuring fiscal clarity and control.


Effortless Documentation

With the Attachments tab, you can easily link all related documents to your purchase orders. This digital filing system provides a secure, organized repository for instant retrieval and reference, eliminating paper clutter and boosting productivity.


Integrated Claims and Evaluation

Efficiently handle any claims and conduct thorough evaluations of your procurement processes. NOZZLE’s system supports a proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues, fostering continuous improvement in your operations.


Real-Time Updates with Status Activity Log

Monitor and track the lifecycle of each purchase order with the Status Activity Log. Every update is recorded, providing a transparent timeline of your procurement activities.


Embrace the capabilities of NOZZLE's Purchase Order management and transform how you oversee your maritime procurement. Discover the full range of features designed to empower your fleet's operations.